Vows & Offerings

Fasts & Vows

The Five major holy religious observings (Nombu-Fast) are held in the church most respectfully. The most important one is the "ValiyaNombu". People rush in here to sit "Bhajana" during this time. The rush on the "Good Friday" is really amazing. People from very far of places reach the church during the passion week. 3-Times prayer is held during the fast period. Famous evangelists preach during this period along with the evening prayers.

On the Good Friday, a huge mass joins the prayers. The fact that 100 ‘paras’ of rice were used for ‘Kanji Nerchah’ on last Good Friday (year 2012) itself is enough to understand the large multitude of pilgrims. "MoonnuNombu", SoonoyoNombu", EldhoNombu", "SleehaNombu" etc, also are observed here. During the "EttuNombu" days, there is gospel preaching and adoration daily.

Results and experiences of Prayers

The Church is the refuge of the helpless and the destitudes. Prayer will never go unanswered to those who weep at the Holy Steps of the Three Kings. People from very far and near come to get relief from their distress through the intercession of the Holy Kings. It is the place of relief from pain and disease. Many diseases, where modern medicine failed, are reported to be cured by "Bhajana and Prayer" at the Church. Many people are coming here for relief and peace at work places and home. It is believed that applying a handful of oil on head from the lamp of the church and a bath in the river on the frontage and an earnest prayer at the church in dripping wet clothes is surely rewarding. Offerings given to the Church by them are clear evidence for this. The cross at Choondi is an offering of a youngster who was cured of rabies by seeking refuge (prayer) at this Church.

Offerings  (Nerchakal & Vazhipadukal)

Many people give offerings and tributes seeking intercession of St. Mary, and the Holy Kings. The "PaithelNercha" is the major item among them. People offer not only money but also several items for the favours received.

The Piravom Church has always been in the forefront for protecting the weak and the poor. The steps that the church is taking for the eradication of poverty in and around Piravom, receives good appreciation from the public.

  The bigining time of Holy Mass    
  Sundays. 1 7.00 a m  

2 9.00 a m  
  Saturdays 8.00 a m  
  Other days 7.30 a m  

  The Cash rates of the offerings Rs Ps  
  1. Holy Kurbana    5 00  
  2. Madhystha Prarthana    5 00  
  3. Aneeda Kurbana    5 00  
  4. Vazhipadu Moonnimel   150 00  
  5. Aneeda Moonninmel   200 00  
  6. Paithal Nerchappanam   30 00  
  7. Paithal Nercha (without feast)   200 00  
  8. Vishudha Sleeba Ezhunnuallippu   20 00  
  9. Valiya Mezhukuthiri (Big candle)   40 00  
  10. Adima   20 00  
  11. Purakoodasha; Oottu; Adiyanthram       (per each item in houses)   150 00  
  12. baptism   100 00  
  13. casa  set   600 00  
  14. sliba   50/100/150 00  
  15. candle stand   50/75/100 00  
  16. Kai mani   50/100 00  
  17. church choir  fee   4000 00  
  18. vedoi fee   1000 00  
  19. muthukuda   600 00  

Enquiry about Offerings to:

Vicar / Trustee
RajadhiRajaSt. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Cathedral Piravom . (PiravomValiyapally)
Piravom P.O
Ernakulam District
Pin : 686 664
Kerala, India

Email : rajadhirajastmarys@gmail.com
Phone: 91-485-2242260
Mob: 00919847500260

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